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German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center

Collaborators in Russia

G-RISC encourages and promotes research visits of Germans to Russia. Specific offers are constantly updated. Further question should be addressed to the G-RISC Office (office@g-gisc.org)

Research facilities at Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU) inviting Germans for research stays:

At St. Petersburg University visits are possible on the basis of the following research units:

Institute of Chemistry

Academics willing to host students and researchers in the area of chemistry:

Prof. Alina A. Manshina, email - a.manshina@spbu.ru, projects on laser synthesis of hybrid metal/carbon nanostructures for nanooptics, electrocatalysis, sensing technologies are in priority.

Prof. Oleg V. Levin, email - o.levin@spbu.ru, projects on synthesis and electrochemical testing of organic redox-active materials are in priority.

Prof. Boris A. Noskov, email - borisanno@mail.ru, projects on aggregates of biomacromolecules (proteins, DNA and their complexes with amphiphilic substances) at liquid/fluid interfaces are in priority.

Prof. Regina M. Islamova, email - r.islamova@spbu.ru, projects on macromolecular compounds, metal complex catalysis in polymer chemistry, synthesis and properties of macromolecules, polysiloxanes. are in priority.

Assoc. Prof. Elena V. Grachova, email - e.grachova@spbu.ru, projects on coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, transition metal complexes, mixed-metal compounds, nano-scale molecular assemblies, supramolecular ensembles, hybrid nanostructures and luminescence are in priority.

Prof. Tatiana Tennikova, email - tennikova@mail.ru, projects on polymer chemistry, bio organic chemistry, drug delivery systems are in priority.

Prof. Alexey Y. Timoshkin, email - a.y.timoshkin@spbu.ru, projects in priority: 1) Mixed main group compounds of p block elements 2) Lewis acidity scales of Lewis acids and superacids 3) Donor-acceptor interactions 4) Main group amidoboranes.

Prof. Peter M. Tolstoy, email peter.tolstoy@spbu.ru, projects in priority: non-covalent interactions, NMR, hydrogen bonds, halogen bonds, acid-base complexes.

Prof. Konstantin N. Mikhelson, email k.mikhelson@spbu.ru, projects on electrochemical sensors are in priority.

Prof. Dmitry O. Kirsanov, email d.kirsanov@gmail.com, projects in priority: Chemometrics in analytical chemistry; chemical sensors; sensor arrays; "electronic tongue" multisensor systems; biomedical analytical chemistry.

Stanislav Kalinin, PhD student, Researcher, email st057548@student.spbu.ru, projects on medicinal chemistry are in priority.

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes

Academics willing to host students and researchers in the area of mathematics and mechanics:

Prof. Elena V. Kustova, email - e.kustova@spbu.ru, projects on fundamental theoretical and experimental studies in non-equilibrium gas dynamics are in priority.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Institute of Earth Sciences