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6. Using a third-party search engine, Google CSE

The Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE) is integrated in the website of Freie Universität Berlin. In the header of each web page, there is a search box labeled “Search with Google™”. The integrated search service provides a full-text search for content of the official website of Freie Universität Berlin.

Users will readily notice the search box at the top of the website of Freie Universität that is labeled “Search with Google™.” If a user enters a keyword in the input field of the search box, an additional link will appear just below (“Information about Using Google Search™”), which refers to this privacy policy.

Activating the Search

Users can activate the search function by entering a search term in the search box and pressing "Enter" or the search icon (magnifying glass icon). Due to the plugin provided by Google, the search results page automatically reloads with the appropriate search results. During this process data are transferred to the search engine.

Users can choose between a search within the currently displayed domain or the entire website of Freie Universität Berlin.

Viewing the Results Page

The plugin that is developed and made available by Google (Google Custom Search Engine Google CSE) is integrated as-is by the operator of the official website of Freie Universität as a software module in the search results page. The plugin allows for automated communication (data exchange) between the retrieved search results page and the Google service, if the search results page is called up. The use of the Google-powered search function comprises a dynamic transfer of data by the service provider to the Google search results page.

Data Protection

Data are only transferred to the provider of the search engine (Google) after a user has accessed the search results page, after having activated the search box and thereby starting a full-text search. When using the search function within the search page results, data are simultaneously transmitted to Google.

No data are transmitted to the search engine (Google), when official websites of Freie Universität Berlin that incorporate the Google Search Engine are visited. An exception occurs when users directly reference a search results page.

Agree to Data Transfer by Using Google Custom Search Engine

By using the full-text search and the resulting request to view the search results page, you are agreeing to the transmission of data to Google. This includes, for example, the search terms you enter and the IP address of the computer you are using.

Please note that Google has different data protection standards than those applying to the website of Freie Universität Berlin. We explicitly point out that the operator of the website of Freie Universität Berlin has no influence over the processing of data, in particular, the storage, deletion, and exploitation of personal data that may be transmitted to the provider of the search engine. Both the nature and scope of data that may be transmitted are entirely up to the provider of the external service, in this case Google.

In case you are logged in to Google at the same time you are using the Google Search Engine on the website of Freie Universität, the Google service is able to directly associate the information it collected in connection with your search with your user profile on Google. To avoid further collection of profile information about you, we recommend that you log out of Google before using the Google Search Engine on our website.

For more information about Google’s privacy policy and how Google deals with user data, please visit: http://www.google.com/intl/policies/privacy.