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German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center

Selected Publications

G-RISC Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

M.A.Panafidin, A.V.Bukhtiyarov, I.P.Prosvirin, I.A.Chetyrin, A.Yu Klyushin, A.Knop-Gericke, N.S.Smirnova,P.V.Markov,I.S.Mashkovsky,Y.V.Zubavichus,A.Yu.Stakheev, and V.I.Bukhtiyarov
"A mild post-synthesis oxidative treatment of Pd-In/HOPG bimetallic catalysts as a tool of their surface structure fine tuning"
Appl. Surf. Sci. 571, 151350 (2022).

M.S. Koroleva, A.G. Krasnov, A. Senyshyn, A. Schoekel, I.R. Shein, M.I. Vlasov, and I.V. Piir
"Effect of Li and Li-RE co-doping on structure, stability, optical and electrical properties of bismuth magnesium niobate pyrochlore"
Mater. Res. Bull. 145, 111520 (2022).

D.V. Vishnevetskii, D.V. Averkin, A.A. Efimov, A.A. Lízunova, A.I. Ivanova, P.I. Pakhomov, and E. Rühl
Ag/α-Ag2Mo04/h-MoO3 nanopartícles based microspheres: The synthesis and photosensitive properties
Soft Matter 17, 10416-10420 (2021).

O.Yu. Vilkov, A.V. Tarasov, K.A. Bokai, A.A. Makarova, M. Muntwiler, F. Schiller, J.E. Ortega, L.V. Yashina, D.V. Vyalikh, and D.Yu.
"Nitrogen-doped graphene on a curved nickel surface"
Carbon 183, 711-720 (2021).

A.A. Kotov, D.A. Glazov, V.M. Shabaev, and G. Plunien
"One-Electron Energy Spectra of Heavy Highly Charged Quasimolecules: Finite-Basis-Set Approach"
Atoms 9, 44 (2021).

A.I. Markova, S.D. Khizhnyak, E. Rühl, and P.M. Pakhomov
"Spectroscopic Method for Studying the Morphology of Suspensions"
J. Appl. Spectrosc. 88, 744-748 (2021).

D. Khrapov, M. Kozadayeva, K. Manabaev, A. Panin, W. Sjostrom, A. Koptyug, T. Mishurova, S. Evsevleev, D. Meinel, G. Bruno, D. Cheneler, R. Surmenev, and M. Surmeneva
"Different Approaches for Manufacturing Ti-6Al-4V Alloy with Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Sheet-Based Structures by Electron Beam Melting"
Materials 14, 4912 (2021).

O. Gryshkov, V. Mutsenko, D. Tarusin, D. Khayyat, O. Naujok, E. Riabchenko, Y. Nemirovska, A. Danilov, A.Y. Petrenko, and B. Glasmacher
"Coaxial Alginate Hydrogels: From Self-Assembled 3D Cellular Constructs to Long-Term Storage"
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 22, 3096 (2021).

A.C. Bouali, M.H. Iuzviuk, M. Serdechnova, K.A. Yasakau, D. Drozdenko, A. Lutz, K. Fekete, G. Dovzhenko, D.C.F. Wieland,H. Terryn, M.G.S. Ferreira, I.A. Zobkalo, and M.L. Zheludkevich
"Mechanism of LDH Direct Growth on Aluminum Alloy Surface: A Kinetic and Morphological Approach"
J. Phys. Chem. C 125, 11687-11701 (2021).

S.V. Shapenkov, O.F. Vyvenko, G. Schmidt, F. Bertram, S. Metzner, P. Veit, and J. Christen
"Characteristic emission from quantum dot-like intersection nodes of dislocations in GaN"
J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 1851, 012013 (2021).

V. Agieienko, A.R. Harifi-Mood, and R. Buchner
"Cooperative dynamics and speciation in deep eutectic solvent plus DMSO mixtures"
J. Mol. Liquids 331, 115790 (2021).

E.V. Butyrskaya, N. Korkmaz, E.V. Zolotukhina, V. Krasiukova, and Y.E. Silina
"Mechanistic aspects of functional layer formation in hybrid one-step designed GOx/Nafion/Pd-NPs nanobiosensors"
Analyst 146, 2172-2185 (2021).

Y.O. Belyaeva, B. Gebhard, and A.L. Skubachevskii
"A General Way to Confined Stationary Vlasov-Poisson Plasma Configurations"
Kinet. Relat. Mod.14, 257-282 (2021).

R.A. Surmenev, R.V. Chernozem, A.G. Skirtach, A.S. Bekareva, L.A. Leonova, S. Mathur, Yu.F. Ivanov, and M.A. Surmeneva
"Hydrothermal synthesis of barium titanate nano/microrods and particle agglomerates using a sodium titanate precursor"
Ceram. Int. 47, 8904-8914 (2021).

M.S. Koroleva, A.G. Krasnov, A. Senyshyn, A. Schoekel, I.R. Shein, M.I. Vlasov, and I.V. Piir
"Structure, thermal stability, optoelectronic and electrophysical properties of Mg- and Na-codoped bismuth niobate pyrochlores: Experimental and theoretical study"
J. Alloy. Compd. 858, 157742 (2021).

S. Kasatikov, A. Fantin, A.M. Manzoni, S. Sakhonenkov, A. Makarova, D. Smirnov, E.O. Filatova, and G. Schumacher
"Chemical interaction and electronic structure in a compositionally complex alloy: A case study by means of X-ray absorption and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy"
J. Alloy. Compd. 857, 157597 (2021).

K. Laun, I. Baranova, J. Duan, L. Kertess, F. Wittkamp, U.-P. T. Happe, M. Senger, and S.T. Stripp
"Site-selective protonation of the one-electron reduced cofactor in [FeFe]-hydrogenase"
Dalton T. 50, 3641-3650 (2021).

V. Agieienko and R. Buchner
"A Comprehensive Study of Density, Viscosity, and Electrical Conductivity of (Choline Chloride plus Glycerol) Deep Eutectic Solvent and Its Mixtures with Dimethyl Sulfoxide"
J. Chem. Eng. Data 66, 780-792 (2021).

A.I. Bondarev, Yu.S. Kozhedub, I.I. Tupitsyn, V.M. Shabaev, and G. Plunien
"Calculations of Electron Loss to Continuum in Collisions of Li- and Be-Like Uranium Ions with Nitrogen Targets"
Atoms 8, 89 (2020).

S.K. Petrovskii, V.V. Khistiaeva, A.A. Sizova, V.V. Sizov, Vladimir A.V. Paderina, I.O. Koshevoy, K.Yu. Monakhov, and E.V. Grachova
"Hexavanadate-Organogold(I) Hybrid Compounds: Synthesis by the Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition and Density Functional Theory Study of an Intriguing Electron Density Distribution"
Inorg. Chem. 59, 16122-16126 (2020).

A.A. Vereshchagin, D.A. Lukyanov, I.R. Kulikov, N.A. Panjwani, E.A. Alekseeva, J. Behrends, and O.V. Levin
"The Fast and the Capacious: A [Ni(Salen)]-TEMPO Redox-Conducting Polymer for Organic Batteries"
Batt. Supercaps. 4, 336-346 (2020).

M.A. Surmeneva, E.A. Chudinova, R.V. Chernozem, A. Lapanje, A.V. Koptyug, T. Rijavec, K. Loza, O. Prymak, M. Epple, A. Wittmar, M. Ulbricht, and R.A. Surmenev
"Development of a bone substitute material based on additive manufactured Ti6Al4V alloys modified with bioceramic calcium carbonate coating: Characterization and antimicrobial properties"
Ceram. Int. 46, 25661-25670 (2020).

O. Yermakov, H. Schneidewind, U. Huebner, T. Wieduwilt, M. Zeisberger, A. Bogdanov, Y. Kivshar, and M.A. Schmidt
"Nanostructure-Empowered Efficient Coupling of Light into Optical Fibers at Extraordinarily Large Angles"
ACS Photonics 7, 2834-2841 (2020).

S. Sidelev, O. Koksharova, O. Babanazarova, J. Fastner, E. Chernova, and E. Gusev
"Phylogeographic, toxicological and ecological evidence for the global distribution of Raphidiopsis raciborskii and its northernmost presence in Lake Nero, Central Western Russia"
Harmful Algae, 98, 101889 (2020).

B.S. Marychev and M.A. Zaks
"Modelling of Transportation Process in Plane Flows with Stagnation Points"
Transp. Porous Med. 135, 1-24 (2020).

S.O. Filnov, I.I. Klimovskikh, D.A. Estyunin, A.V. Fedorov, V.Yu Voroshnin, A.V. Koroleva, A.G. Rybkin, E.V. Shevchenko, Z.S. Aliev, M.B. Babanly, I.R. Amiraslanov, N.T. Mamedov, E.F. Schwier, K. Miyamoto, T. Okuda, S. Kumar, A. Kimura, V.M. Misheneva, A.M. Shikin, and E.V. Chulkov
"Probe-dependent Dirac-point gap in the gadolinium-doped thallium-based topological insulator TlBi0.9Gd0.1Se2"
Phys. Rev. B 102, 085149  (2020).

M.H. Iuzviuk, A.C. Bouali, M. Serdechnova, K.A. Yasakau, D.C.F. Wieland, G. Dovzhenko, A. Mikhailau, C. Blawert, I.A. Zobkalo, M.G.S. Ferreira, and M.L. Zheludkevich
"In situ kinetics studies of Zn-Al LDH intercalation with corrosion related species"
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 22, 17574-17586 (2020).

M.A. Surmeneva, A. Koptyug, D. Khrapov, Y.F. Ivanov, T. Mishurova, S. Evsevleev, O. Prymak, K. Loza, M. Epple, G. Bruno, and R.A. Surmenev
"In situ synthesis of a binary Ti-10at% Nb alloy by electron beam melting using a mixture of elemental niobium and titanium
J. Material. Proc. Technol. 282, 116646 (2020).

V. Korzhikov-Vlakh, I. Katernuk, I. Pilipenko, A. Lavrentieva, I. Guryanov, V. Sharoyko, A.A. Manshina, and T.B. Tennikova
"Photosensitive Poly-l-lysine/Heparin Interpolyelectrolyte Complexes for Delivery of Genetic Drugs"
Polymers 12, 1077 (2020).

A. Fantin, G.O. Giovanni A.M. Manzoni, S. Kasatikov, T. Scherb, T. Huthwelker, F. d'Acapito, and G. Schumacher
"Short-range chemical order and local lattice distortion in a compositionally complex alloy"
Acta Material. 193, 329-337 (2020).

Y.A. Nalench, I.V. Shchetinin, A.S. Skorikov, P.S. Mogilnikov, M. Farle, A.G. Savchenko, A.G. Majouga, M.A. Abakumov, and U. Wiedwald
"Unravelling the nucleation, growth, and faceting of magnetite-gold nanohybrids"
J.. Mat. Chem. B 8, 3886-3895 (2020).

M.G. Shelyapina, A.V. Dost, N.E. Skryabina, A.F. Privalov, M. Vogel, , and D. Fruchart
"Effect of Zr7Ni10 additive on hydrogen mobility in (TiCr1.8)(1-x)Vx (x=0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8): An H-1 NMR SFG study"
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 45, 7929-7937 (2020).

D. Khrapov, A. Koptyug, K. Manabaev, L.F. Leonard, T. Mishurova, G. Bruno, D. Cheneler, K. Loza, M. Epple, R. Surmenev, and M. Surmeneva
"The impact of post manufacturing treatment of functionally graded Ti6Al4V scaffolds on their surface morphology and mechanical strength"
J. Mat. Res. Technol 9, 1866-1881 (2020).

M. Levit, N. Zashikhina, A. Vdovchenko, A. Dobrodumov, N. Zakharova, A. Kashina, E. Rühl, A. Lavrentieva, T. Scheper, T. Tennikova, and E. Korzhikova-Vlakh
Bio-Inspired Amphiphilic Copolymers Based on Synthetic Glycopolymer and Poly(amino acid) as Potential Drug Delivery Systems
Polymers 12, 183 (2020).

A.C. Bouali, M.H. Iuzviuk, M. Serdechnova, K.A. Yasakau, D.C.F. Wieland, G. Dovzhenko, H. Maltanava, I.A. Zobkalo, M.G.S. Ferreira, and M.L. Zheludkevich
"Zn-Al LDH growth on AA2024 and zinc and their intercalation with chloride: Comparison of crystal structure and kinetics"
Appl. Surf. Sci. 501, 144027 (2020).

I.O. Pariy, A.A. Ivanova, V.V. Shvartsman, D.C. Lupascu, G.B. Sukhorukov, M.A. Surmeneva, and R.A. Surmenev
"Poling and annealing of piezoelectric Poly(Vinylidene fluoride) micropillar arrays"
Mater. Chem. Phys. 239, 122035 (2020).

I.V. Lopushenko, T. Wriedt, and I.N. Zavestovskaya
"Effect of Spatial Dispersion on Plasmon Resonance in Silver Nanoparticles"
Bull. Lebedev Phys. Inst. 46, 400-404 (2019).

I. Petrenko, A.P. Summers, P. Simon, S. Zoltowska-Aksamitowska, M. Motylenko, C. Schimpf, D. Rafaja, F. Roth, K. Kummer, E. Brendler, O.S. Pokrovsky, R. Galli, M. Wysokowski, H. Meissner, E. Niederschlag, Y. Joseph, S. Molodtsov, A. Ereskovsky, V. Sivkov,S. Nekipelov, O. Petrova, O. Volkova, M. Bertau, M. Kraft, A. Rogalev, M. Kopani, T. Jesioniowski, and H. Ehrlich
"Extreme biomimetics: Preservation of molecular detail in centimeter-scale samples of biological meshes laid down by sponges"
Sci. Adv. 5, eaax2805 (2019).

V.L. Vadimov, M. Khaymovich, and A.S. Mel'nikov
"Higgs modes in proximized superconducting systems"
Phys. Rev. B 100, 104515 (2019).

S.O. Filnov, Yu.A. Surnin, A.V. Koroleva, I.I. Klimovskikh, D.A. Estyunin, A.Yu. Varykhalov, K.A. Bokai, K.A. Kokh, O.E. Tereshchenko, V.A. Golyashov, E.V. Shevchenko, and A.M. Shikin
"Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Gd-Doped Topological Insulator Bi1.09Gd0.06Sb0.85Te3"
J. Exp. Theor. Phys. 129, 404-412 (2019).

O. Medvedev, M. Albrecht, and O. Vyvenko
"Asymmetry of the Atomic Core Structure of Dissociated a-Screw Dislocation in GaN Probed by Polarization Optical Spectroscopy"
Phys. Status Solidi - Rap. Res. Lett. 13, 1900169 (2019).

O. Medvedev, M. Albrecht, and O. Vyvenko
"Unusual Polarization Dependence of Dislocation-Related Luminescence in n-GaN"
Phys. Status Solidi A 216, 1900305 (2019).

M.M. Anikushin
"On the Liouville Phenomenon in Estimates of Fractal Dimensions of Forced Quasi-Periodic Oscillations"
Vest. St. Petersburg Univ. - Math. 52, 234-243 (2019).

F. Meutzner, M. Zschornak, A.A. Kabanov, T. Nestler, T. Leisegang, V.A. Blatov, and D.C. Meyer
"Sulfur- and Selenium-Containing Compounds Potentially Exhibiting Al Ion Conductivity"
Chemistry - Eur. J. 25, 8623-8629 (2019).

I. Pilipenko, V. Korzhikov-Vlakh, V. Sharoyko, N. Zhang, M. Schäfer-Korting, E. Rühl, C. Zoschke, and T. Tennikova
pH-sensitive chitosan-heparin nanoparticles for effective delivery of genetic drugs into epithelial cells
Pharmaceutics 11, 317 (2019).

D. Nikitin, I. Omelchenko, A. Zakharova, M. Avetyan, A.L. Fradkov, and E. Schöll
"Complex partial synchronization patterns in networks of delay-coupled neurons"
Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A 377, 2153 (2019).

D.A. Tumakov, D.A. Telnov, G. Plunien,and V.M. Shabaev
"Photoelectron spectra after multiphoton ionization of Li atoms in the one-photon Rabi-flopping regime"
Phys. Rev. A 100, 023407 (2019).

A.V. Malyshev, I.S. Anisimova, D.V. Mironova, V.M. Shabaev, and G. Plunien
"QED theory of the specific mass shift in few-electron atoms"
Phys. Rev. A 100, 012510 (2019).

A.S. Zviagin, R.V. Chernozem, M.A. Surmeneva, M. Pyeon, M. Frank, T. Ludwig, P. Tutacz, Yu. F. Ivanov, S. Mathur, and R.A. Surmenev
"Enhanced piezoelectric response of hybrid biodegradable 3D poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) scaffolds coated with hydrothermally deposited ZnO for biomedical applications"
Eur. Polymer J. 117, 272-279 (2019).

J. Jelken and S. Santer
"Light induced reversible structuring of photosensitive polymer films"
RSC Adv. 9, 20295-20305 (2019).

A.V. Golovin, D. Anielski, S.V. Gordeev, V.M. Lagodinski, Y.V. Chizhov, J. Kuepper, and D. Rolles
"The effect of elliptical polarization in MSX calculations of the molecular-frame photoelectron angular distributions of CO C(1s) ionization"
Eur. Phys. J. D 73, 131 (2019).

I.O. Pariy, A.A. Ivanova, V.V. Shvartsman, D.C. Lupascu, G.B. Sukhorukov, T. Ludwig, A. Bartasyte, S. Mathur, M.A. Surmeneva, and R.A. Surmenev
"Piezoelectric Response in Hybrid Micropillar Arrays of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) and Reduced Graphene Oxide"
Polymers 11, 1065 (2019).

R.V. Chernozem, M.A. Surmeneva, S.N. Shkarina, K. Loza, M. Epple, M. Ulbricht, A. Cecilia, B. Krause, T. Baumbach, A.A. Abalymov, B.V. Parakhonskiy, and A.G. Skirtach
"Piezoelectric 3-D Fibrous Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)-Based Scaffolds Ultrasound-Mineralized with Calcium Carbonate for Bone Tissue Engineering: Inorganic Phase Formation, Osteoblast Cell Adhesion, and Proliferation"
ACS Appl. Mater. Interf. 11, 19522-19533 (2019).

I.Yu. Chernyshov, M.V. Vener, and I.G. Shenderovich
"Local-structure effects on P-31 NMR chemical shift tensors in solid state"
J. Chem. Phys. 150, 144706 (2019).

T. Leisegang, F. Meutzner, M. Zschornak, W. Muenchgesang, R. Schmid, T. Nestler, R.A. Eremin, A.A. Kabanov, V.A. Blatov, and D.C. Meyer
"The Aluminum-Ion Battery: A Sustainable and Seminal Concept?"
Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 268 (2019).

M.G. Shelyapina, N.E. Skryabina, L.S. Surova, A. Dost, A.V. Ievlev, A.F. Privalov, and D. Fruchart
"Proton NMR study of hydrogen mobility in (TiCr1.8)(1-x)V-x hydrides"
J. Alloys Comp. 778, 962-971 (2019).

A.M. Shikin, D.A. Estyunin, Yu.I. Surnin, A.V. Koroleva, E.V. Shevchenko, K.A. Kokh, O.E. Tereshchenko, S. Kumar, E.F. Schwiers, K. Shimada, T. Yoshikawa, Y. Saitoh, Y. Takeda, and A. Kimura
"Dirac gap opening and Dirac-fermion-mediated magnetic coupling in antiferromagnetic Gd-doped topological insulators and their manipulation by synchrotron radiation"
Sci. Rep. 9, 4813 (2019).

A.I. Bondarev, Yu.S. Kozhedub, I.I. Tupitsyn, V.M. Shabaev, and G. Plunien
"Doubly differential cross sections for ionization of lithium atom by protons and O8+ ions"
Eur. Phys. J. D 73, 46 (2019).

D. Kalanov, R. Kozakov, A. Siasko, A. Boesel, Yu. Golubovskii, and S. Gortschakow
"Spatially resolved LAAS/OES diagnostics of a free-burning Ar arc: measurements of excited atom densities"
J. Phys. D 52, 075204 (2019).

N. Zashikhina, V. Sharoyko, M. Antipchik, I. Tarasenko, Yu. Anufrikov, A. Lavrentieva, T. Tennikova, and E. Korzhikova-Vlakh
"Novel Formulations of C-Peptide with Long-Acting Therapeutic Potential for Treatment of Diabetic Complications"
Pharmaceutics 11, 27 (2019).

M.G. Shelyapina, N.E. Skryabina, L.S. Surova, A. Dost, A.V. Ievlev, A.F. Privalov, and D. Fruchart
"Proton NMR study of hydrogen mobility in (TiCr1.8)1-xVx hydrides"
J. Alloys Comp. 778, 962-971 (2019).

U. Iben, A.V. Makhnov, and A.A. Schmidt
"Mathematical Modeling of the Inception and Development of Cavitation in Turbulent Liquid Flow in a Symmetric Channel"
Tech. Phys. Lett. 45, 41-44 (2019).

D. Kalanov, R. Kozakov, A. Siasko, A. Boesel, Yu. Golubovskii, and S. Gortschakow
"Spatially resolved LAAS/OES diagnostics of a free-burning Ar arc: measurements of excited atom densities"
J. Phys. D 52, 075204 (2019).

D.V. Chubukov, V. Skripnikov, L.N. Labzowsky, and G. Plunien
"Nuclear spin-independent effects of parity nonconservation in molecule of hydrogen"
J. Phys. B 52, 025003 (2019).

N.I. Borzdun, V.M. Nazarychev, S.V. Larin, G. Reiter, and S.V. Lyulin
"Self-Assembly of Oligo(phenylene-thiophene)s on Monolayer Graphene: Molecular Dynamics Simulations"
J. Phys. Chem. C 123, 859-867 (2019).

I.V. Ivanova, V.M. Shabaev, D.A. Telnov, and A. Saenz
"Scaling relations of the time-dependent Dirac equation describing multiphoton ionization of hydrogenlike ions"
Phys. Rev. A 98, 063402 (2018).

M. Serdechnova, S.A. Karpushenkov, L.S. Karpushenkava, M. Starykevich, M.G.S. Ferreira, T. Hack, M.H. Iuzviuk, I.A. Zobkalo, C. Blawert, and M.L. Zheludkevich
"The Influence of PSA Pre-Anodization of AA2024 on PEO Coating Formation: Composition, Microstructure, Corrosion, and Wear Behaviors"
Materials  11, 2428 (2018).

Y.I. Derikov, C. Abetz, O.N. Karpov, G.A. Shandryuk, A.A. Ezhov, Y.V. Kudryavtsev, and V. Abetz
"Polymeric and Low-Molecular Stabilizers for Au Nanoparticles in a Diblock Copolymer Matrix"
Polymer Sci. C 60, 240-250 (2018).

T.K. Zakharchenko, A.I. Belova, A.S. Frolov, O.O. Kapitanova, J.J. Velasco-Velez, A. Knop-Gericke, D. Vyalikh, D.M. Itkis, and L.V. Yashina
"Notable Reactivity of Acetonitrile Towards Li2O2/LiO2 Probed by NAP XPS During Li-O2 Battery Discharges"
Top. Catal. 61, 2114-2122 (2018).

A.A. Volykhov, J. Sanchez-Barriga, M. Batuk, C. Callaert, J. Hadermann, A.P. Sirotina, V.S. Neudachina, A.I. Belova, N.V. Vladimirova, M.E. Tamm, N.O. Khmelevsky, C. Escudero, V. Perez-Dieste, A. Knop-Gericke, and L.V. Yashina
"Can surface reactivity of mixed crystals be predicted from their counterparts? A case study of (Bi1-xSbx)2Te3 topological insulators"
J. Mat. Chem. C 6, 8941-8949 (2018).

V.P. Kosheleva, V.A. Zaytsev, A. Surzhykov, V.M. Shabaev, and Th. Stoehlker
"Elastic scattering of twisted electrons by an atomic target: Going beyond the Born approximation"
Phys. Rev. A 98, 022706 (2018).

N. Kasyanenko, I. Unksov, V. Bakulev, and S. Santer
"DNA Interaction with Head-to-Tail Associates of Cationic Surfactants Prevents Formation of Compact Particles"
Molecules 23, 1576 (2018).

I.V. Tyulkina, D.S. Goldobin, L.S. Klimenko, and A. Pikovsky
"Dynamics of Noisy Oscillator Populations beyond the Ott-Antonsen Ansatz"
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 264101 (2018).

A.M. Shikin, A.A. Rybkina, D.A. Estyunin, D.M.Sostina, V.Yu.Voroshnin, I.I. Klimovskikh, A.G. Rybkin, Y.A. Surnin, K.A. Kokh, O.E. Tereshchenko, L. Petaccia, G. Di Santo, P.N. Skirdkov, K.A. Zvezdin, A.K. Zvezdin, A. Kimura, E.V. Chulkov, and E.E. Krasovskii
"Signatures of in-plane and out-of-plane magnetization generated by synchrotron radiation in magnetically doped and pristine topological insulators"
Phys. Rev. B 97, 245407 (2018).

M. Bolotov, L. Smirnov, G. Osipov, and A. Pikovsky
“Simple and complex chimera states in a nonlinearly coupled oscillatory medium”

Chaos 28, 045101 (2018).

 I.A. Aleksandrov, G. Plunien, and V.M. Shabaev
"Dynamically assisted Schwinger effect beyond the spatially-uniform-field approximation"

Phys. Rev. D 97, 116001 (2018).

F. Brasse, G. Goldsztejn, K. Amini, R. Boll, S. Bari, C. Bomme, M. Brouard, M. Burt, B.C. De Miranda, S. Düsterer, and B. Erk
“Time-resolved inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy: From a bound molecule to an isolated atom”

Phys. Rev. A 97, 043429 (2018).

 X.O. Brykalova and A.A. Pavlychev
“Spectral Distribution of Oscillator Strength for Core-to-Valence Transitions probed by using X-ray Absorption and Total Electron Yield Modes”

Z. Phys. Chem. 232, 907-917 (2018).

 A.L. Chekhov, A.I. Stognij, T. Satoh, T.V. Murzina, I. Razdolski, and A. Stupakiewic
Surface Plasmon-Mediated Nanoscale Localization of Laser-Driven sub-Terahertz Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Dielectrics”
Nano Lett. 18, 2970-2975 (2018).

A.M. Shikin, A.A. Rybkina, D.A. Estyunin, D.M. Sostina, V.Y. Voroshnin, I.I. Klimovskikh, A.G. Rybkin, Y.A. Surnin, K.A. Kokh, O.E. Tereshchenko, and L. Petaccia
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