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German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center

G-RISC Teaching

Teaching in first Semester 2021

Lecture Series given by docent Dr. Yuliya Silina on “The big help of the small organic-inorganic hybrids: from mass spectrometry on a chip to nanobiosensors”

online and at Faculty of Fundamental Physical and Chemical Engineering, Moscow State University (www.msu.ru/en/) and in Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCP RAS), Chernogolovka. (www.icp.ac.ru/en/)

First lecture on May 11, 2021: 16:00h CET

“EnCoRe NanoHybrids: encapsulation, storage and controlled release of biomolecules for bioanalytics, biosensors and biotechnology”

Second lecture on May 12, 2021: 16:00h CET

“The role of nanoanalytics and nanometrology in OIH development: novel insights and applications”

Third lecture on May 13, 2021: 16:00h CET

“Novel measurement platforms towards OIH standardization: from LDI-MS scanning to advanced tandem monitoring in a droplet”